Photo shoot with Chloe Norman

I had the absolute best time with Chloe Norman last week taking photos for my upcoming release. I have a really hard time looking natural during photo sessions, as evidenced by all of my class and family photos throughout the years. Usually, I look like this. Chloe really made me laugh and was able to get a bunch of really beautiful photos of me just hanging around looking out of windows. I also need to mention that my friend Andrea taught me how to do my makeup for this shoot and in general because I can barely put mascara without getting it all over my eyelid. She did such a good job that my sister didn’t believe me when I said I did it myself. Score!

These are going to be posted all over the place (they’re up on Facebook, Twitter etc.) and hopefully will appear if and when I start getting reviews and interviews in different places. I’m particularly thrilled that Chloe was able to capture that feather fascinator so well, because it ties in really nicely with the album artwork (some sneak peaks will be coming soon).

If you’d like to check out more of Chloe’s work – and I suggest you do – you can find it at I found the feather fascinator on Etsy from this beautiful shop run by Jade, who was a dream to order from. You can purchase her creations here.