Wow. Sometimes I can’t remember why I’ve decided to take time from a stable job at an organization that I love to follow a career and passion that can be unreliable and disheartening. Today is definitely not one of those days. After spending time at the CBC studios to record what will be my debut album, I feel alive. This is what I need to be doing.

Robb tracking some guitar with Chris and Adam.

The recording went amazingly well. Chris Jackson and Adam Tune were our engineers for the session and they were really supportive, did whatever we asked and were just a really great hang. I spent yesterday with Chris tracking vocals and it’s the most fun I’ve had in a long time. His ear and opinion were very much needed and appreciated. I have that infectious excitement that I get after a really stellar performance or hearing a mind blowing new artist for the first time. I just want to keep going!

Another reason the experience was so great was because I have some incredibly talented musicians in my band who took time out of their really busy lives to help me out. Their dedication, professionalism, support and musicianship is something that I know is rare and am lucky to have access to. Also, those the hilarious in between moments of demonstrating the chord used to make the transporter sound in Star Trek* or talking about how great the word “stinky” really is are some of my favourite memories from these past few days. Thank you Robb. Thank you James. Thank you Jon.

I’ll be applying for another round of grants to finish financing the album, which means we’ll be looking at a release some time in March/April. Nick Counter is doing the artwork and I couldn’t be more excited about that too. Look out for this release, I can feel it’s going to make some waves. Oh, and “Overgrown” is finally recorded. With like, a million guitar parts. Get ready.

*Editor’s Note: An earlier version of this post indicated that members of the band were figuring out the chords to the Star Trek theme, which was inaccurate. The version above has been corrected.