Junction Music Festival

The Junction Music Festival is happening on Saturday and I’m really excited to be part of something in my neighbourhood that is all about music. I like music! I’ll be performing solo at the acoustic stage at 4 p.m. (it’s outside at the train station near Pacific Ave. on Dundas West). Most of my time these days is spent singing at my wall in my apartment, so it’ll be a nice change to sing for some people and to do it outside.

Check out this article for the Toronto Star that I gave some quotes to. Take a look at the Facebook event too.

Come out and enjoy the festival, it’s free!


One thought on “Junction Music Festival

  1. Hey Katie, I love you webpage… great place to hear your tunes. Didn’t know you considered yourself an expert angler!!!! What’s a Texas Rig??? Just kidding. Anyway, it looks great and I love you pic. love ya. Dad

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